Presidential Golfing

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While many view time away from the Oval Office playing golf a waste of taxpayers’ money, the benefits derived from round of Golf should be considered.
A chance to share ideas with the foursome or to make a deal. Many of the world’s largest decisions have come from a round of golf.
A round of golf provides an opportunity for exercise. Walking a round can burn as many as 2 to 3 thousand calories and provides for fresh air.
A round of golf provides time for reflection, an item I believe to be important for any President.
A round of golf provides an opportunity to exhibit one’s style and presence. To this, sporting a pair of traditional Kings Cross Knickers is a way to tell the world you not only have arrived, but you are setting the precedent.
Get your knickers today and celebrate the game of golf, as many Presidents have, and will continue to do both for health and enjoyment sake!

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