Dress the Part for the Fourth of July!

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Whether you are spending this Fourth of July with friends and family in an intimate backyard barbecue or going all out with a big party, it is hard not to enjoy this national holiday. With spectacular fireworks shows and splendid displays of American pride, Independence Day commemorates July 4th, 1776, when the thirteen colonies declared their independence from England.

For most people, this is a day to show gratitude to veterans who fought for the country and to show national pride. The Fourth of July has been a long held tradition in the country for 241 years and is a significant marker of the nation’s sovereignty. In the late 1700’s, Independence Day was remembered with ships decked in red, white, and blue bunting and 13 gunshots fired in salute.

Today, the Fourth of July is commemorated in similar traditions nationwide. There are many ways that people celebrate and show their patriotism: fireworks, barbecues, parades, golf and baseball games, family reunions, carnivals, concerts, picnics and much more. Decorations in American colors are put up all over, and many people even paint their faces with red, white, and blue paint in addition to dressing in American stars and stripes.

That’s why the Fourth of July is an occasion to show off your American pride. One way to really dress the part is to integrate national colors through your Golf Knicker outfit. Because modern day Golf Knickers are made in the style of traditional American knickers, wearing a set of red, white, and blue Golf Knickers is a great way to invoke a sense of American pride as well as draw all eyes to you.

Golf Knickers are available in various styles and colors for special occasions, and you will find many designed specifically for the Fourth of July. A popular choice is Golf Knickers in the American stars and stripes colors of red, white, and blue, ideal for those who want to show flair and national pride throughout the whole year.

Put your patriotic Golf Knickers together with a red, white, or blue polo or golf shirt and you will have the perfect Independence Day ensemble. You will be ready to bring your American spirit to the links!

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