What Are Plus Fours?

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Plus fours are golf knickers with a baggier and looser fit. Available in a wide selection of colors and prints, these golf pants are made with more material than standard plus twos, allowing for greater freedom of motion and a classic profile. Crafted from various fabrics, plus fours allow you to stylishly engage in golf pursuits.

How Do They Compare to Other Golf Knickers?

When you try on a pair of plus fours, the ends should hang a full 8 inches below your knees. This extra material guarantees that you will be able to achieve a 4-inch fold once the hem closures are fastened. These types of knickers are generally perfect for achieving a traditional look, but you might want to choose the ones you will wear to the course based on the weather forecast. Plus twos and plus fours are designed to hang lower than standard knickers, and therefore, they may be more likely to get muddy. Regardless of the length you choose, your socks should protect your knickers from most of the elements.

How Do You Build an Outfit Around Them?

Even though these golf pants feature a more generous fit and fold, they still make it easy for you to show off and keep up your socks. Choose golf socks in colors and patterns that match, or achieve an eye-catching combination when paired with your knickers. No outfit is complete without a golf cap, and you might also be interested in adding an argyle sweater vest. These items will allow you to achieve a distinctive sporting look and stay comfortable throughout a round of golf.

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