October 24 Payne Stewart Remembered by Auke

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18 years ago today the world lost Payne Stewart a great golfer, a dedicated father and husband and true authentic spirit. He continues to inspire me daily, just yesterday I referred to Payne as the swing to watch for sublime rhythm like poetry in motion.

Last Thursday during a ladies charity event I was dressed in baby blue knickers with pink sweater and tam o-shanter, shoes with brass toe plates just like Payne used to wear. The challenge was called Beat the Golf Dandy, Payne would have loved it. How strong I feel his spirit is indescribable. Two weeks ago at a hickory exhibition, the chairman of De Domburgsche Golf Club called me Payne Stewart II. So today is truly a sad day for me, Payne’s funeral was a life changing event in the Baptist Church in Orlando.

The whole world mourned the man who showed the golf world a golf swing smooth as silk, his trademark knickers in a bold variety of colors and plaids, but most importantly a true, intense, passionate and authentic man. A great personality who always made time for everybody and made you feel special. Boy do I miss him tearing up the Senior Tour with his gorgeous swing unlike any other.

Tracey, Aaron and Chelsea I wish you continued strength and cherish the wonderful memories of Payne that inspire so many still today. Rest in peace Payne….

Our Friend Auke Hempenius.

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